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Andrew Keefer, Founder of Keefer Strategies is a public affairs specialist focusing on legislative advocacy and regulatory compliance for oil and gas and mining companies.  Andrew works with industry associations and engages the Railroad Commission of Texas to oversee the surface mining regulatory compliance process.


As former Chief of Staff for the Office of the Railroad Commission of Texas, Andrew served as Chief Advisor to the Chairman for all issues presented to the Commission.  Duties included the preparation of testimony for the Chairman for hearings before the Texas Senate and House Committees, the Secretary of Energy’s Science Energy Advisory Board Subcommittee on Shale Gas, the U.S. House Committee on Natural Resources regarding Offshore Drilling, the U.S. House Committee on Space, Science, and Technology regarding Hydraulic Fracturing, and the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform regarding the Environmental Protection Agency.


Andrew has also served as Governor Rick Perry's advisor on the Energy and Environment Policy Team with the current executive director of the Public Utility Commission and the most recent commissioner-appointee to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.  Prior to this, Andrew was Chief of Staff to State Representative, Linda Harper-Brown, and served as chief advisor on all issues including the Sunset Commission agenda.


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