7th Mexico Gas Summit - The leading oil and gas event for Mexico's onshore, 

midstream infrastructure, transportation and storage industries on September 8-9, 2021


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-The 7th Mexico Gas Summit is the premier oil and gas event in San Antonio, Texas on September 8-9, 2021.  This year's event will be held in person and brings together internationally recognized industry speakers, investors, government officials, and C level executives from the energy, infrastructure, and transportation industries. The geographic scope for the event will cover Mexico as a region with a strong focus on the opportunities associated with:

  • Gulf Coast onshore development 

  • Midstream infrastructure 

  • Natural gas commercialization

  • Energy Infrastructure and transportation logistics

  • Hydrocarbon storage opportunities

  • The evolving refined fuels market

Since the energy reform started in Mexico approximately 7 years ago, much has been achieved and there is still much to do.  Pemex as well as private companies are focused on achieving their production targets in a more challenging environment due to the pandemic. Although the landscape has changed, opportunities exist for engineering service companies with expertise in onshore infrastructure development related to oil and natural gas production, power generation, pipeline development, transportation and storage facilities.  

The natural gas pipeline infrastructure and interconnectivity with the United States has created a new market that providefor better economics.  Join industry experts and business development executives from Mexico, Texas and Canada to discuss these and other opportunities associated with the Mexico’s energy market.

Gain extremely valuable industry insight as well as develop strategic relationships necessary to increase your probabilities of success in this evolving industry.

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