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Security threats may snag Mexico's energy overhaul

Houston Chronicle

Criminal activity in northern Mexico threatens to undermine an ongoing effort to open the country to foreign oil and gas producers for the first time in decades, a new report from Rice University's Baker Institute warns.


Sixth Meeting of the Mexico-U.S. 21st Century Border Management Executive Steering Committee


Recognizing the importance of public consultations, the ESC met with key players on both sides of the border for a fruitful discussion that will help identify projects and additional areas in which both governments can improve their economic competitiveness, facilitate trade and lawful migration flows, enhance border development, and strengthen public safety.


The fracking divide: Mexico’s oil frontier beckons U.S. drillers in wake of new law - Washington Post


BATIAL-1 WELL, Mexico — The geological marvel known to Texas oilmen as the Eagle Ford Shale Play is buried deep underground, but at night you can see its outline from space in a twinkling arc that sweeps south of San Antonio toward the Rio Grande.


Smaller Companies to Dominate Shale, Pemex Unit Director Says


Smaller companies will probably dominate development of Mexico’s shale gas deposits as Petroleos Mexicanos focuses on shallow water and onshore projects, according to the independent director of one of the state-owned company’s units.!more-news-on-infrastructure-projects-in-/c1c66



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