Mexico Gas Summit 2016 - Advisory Board

We would like to thank our Advisory Board Members for participating in this year's Mexico Gas Summit in San Antonio, Texas.  Each member plays a vital role in the formation of the agenda with relevant topics, raising awareness of the key issues and and associated risks to market entry into Mexico. These distinguished individuals represent an impressive knowledge base within the energy industry, cross border trade, political environment as it relates to the industry in the United States and Mexico. Their diverse backgrounds provide valuable insight into the geopolitical landscape of the Mexico energy industry as well as other important issues like border security, country risk, and foreign investment.


Below you will find more information on each member of the board.

Adrian Gonzalez

Managing Partner of Estego Consulting



Jay Applewhite

Co-Owner of Business News Americas



Leo Giron

Sr. Manager at Tesoro Corporation



Soll Sussman

Consultant and Co-founder of Border Energy Forum



Samuel Logan

Managing Partner of Southern Pulse



Andrew Keefer

Founder of Keefer Strategies



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